Know all the new areas and changes in the Fortnite map

Still haven't explored the new map after update 4.0? We have your back covered in this guide.

For a few days now, we have had the opportunity to explore Fortnite from a new perspective: the update 4.0 of the popular battle royale was accompanied by a meteor shower, and if you have started the game lately you will have seen without a doubt that there are also a series of craters and locations changed or that were not there before. Have you seen them all? If not, in this guide we show you what they are like and where they are.

Before we begin, we must emphasize that in this article we only cover the changes that affect the map. If you find yourself more lost, don't hesitate to take a look at the overview of Fortnite Season 4. Returning to the issue that concerns us, we show you the map full of meteorites, jump rocks, new chests and more things.

Dates, changes and highlights of Fortnite season 4

All new craters

Before update 4.0 hit Fortnite, Epic Games had left evidence about the meteoric impact. Despite the fact that many fans assumed that Pisos Picados was going to be completely destroyed, in the end it has been Dusty Tinderbox the one that got the worst of it with a huge crater in the center of the map. In the case of the first city, hardly a few buildings have fallen.

"And why would I be interested in those craters?" You ask. Well, in addition to the already known antigravity jump rocks, you want to know where these holes are because in all of them you have the possibility of finding chests. This is, in effect, an Epic maneuver to give interest to specific areas of the map that were largely ignored in the past.

Houston, we gon 'have trouble

Let the conspiracy not end: in addition to the craters, Epic has placed two secret bases on the map - preparing the rocket launch! - and although their purpose has not been revealed, it is likely that they are preparing to face each other. Be that as it may, until then we have a free hand to loot the many chests and other loot spawn points in each base. In total, 13 craters await us to explore.

Other changes of interest

  • It may not be as cool as the launch base, but Señorío de la Sal has appeared rich man's mansion that Bruce Wayne would like. How could it be otherwise, there are chests inside. You will also find an underground bunker (obviously) near the house.
  • Engaged Reels is a completely new location that, following the superhero theme, forms a cinema Studio. It is not the only one, yes: in other locations, green screens such as those used to record movies with computer-designed scenarios have been discovered.
  • ¿Dinosaurs? Near Ribera Repipi, a crushed building has been sighted. Not because of a meteorite, but because of what clearly appears to be the footprint of a dinosaur. Could it be 'props' to shoot a movie, or does Epic really anticipate a season 5 loaded with giant reptiles?
  • To the northwest of Industrias Inodoras there is a club that has been redesigned as a nightclub. It even has a DJ table. If you want to dance, do it as it should be.