Confirmed: PlayStation 4 Slim will have models with more memory

Sony's new model will accept 9.5mm and 2.5-inch hard drives, those of the conventional PS4.

PlayStation 4 Slim will arrive with a 500 gig model, but it seems that in the plans of Sony different models with greater storage capacity enter. If the Slim seen so far is the CUH-2016A, according to a user with the machine, the instructions talk about the CUH-2016B, with a tera of memory. No price has yet been revealed for either console, so we have to wait.

It has also confirmed that the Slim model is only compatible with hard drives of 9.5mm and 2.5 inch, so it will be compatible with the hard disk of the conventional model. Sony prepares an event for the next September 7th in New York in which it is expected that all the doubts that exist about Sony's gaming systems will be revealed. Feel free to follow everything that happens in the United States from 3D Games.