Conan Exiles has already exceeded 300,000 units sold

Funcom's early access has already recovered the investment of the project.

Funcom launched at the end of January the early access edition of Conan Exiles, the new video game based on the universe of the famous barbarian created by Robert Ervin Howard. According to the company, the title has already sold 320,000 units in Steam, which means the recovery of the investment made for the creation of this video game, something that the developer has celebrated with a statement.

The VG247 portal has echoed the words of the CEO of the firm, Rui Casais, who commented "We are deeply honored and grateful for the success of Conan Exiles. Funcom has gone through some delicate moments in recent years, and seeing that a game that has cost so much time and effort has managed to recover the investment so quickly is exhilarating for everyone involved in the project ". Casais has warned that "it is only the beginning of the adventure."

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