Influenced by Mirror's Edge, Adome reappears on video and confirms its premiere on consoles

Developed by a Spanish indie studio, the game will be released in autumn 2020.

We had a good season without news of Adome, a Spanish video game that, inspired by reference works such as Mirror's Edge, promises to make us enjoy an enigmatic adventure of action and puzzles in a science fiction universe. What's new? Timsea studios has confirmed that Adome is already facing the final stretch of its development, with a view to premiering in fall 2020 not only on PC, but also on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

His story speaks of loneliness, maturity and the importance of being in contact with nature The announcement comes accompanied by a short video preview that lets us see the aesthetics of a world that has been built inspired by the movie Tomorrowland, by Brad Bird, who in turn had been influenced by the architecture of the Valencia City of Arts and Sciences. Attaching a paramount importance to parkour, in Adome you can jump, climb and hang down through scenarios while running, even through walls, and shooting at enemies. All from a first-person perspective.

Timsea Studios emphasizes that aesthetics will be at the service of a story that speaks "of loneliness, maturity and the importance of being in contact with nature." What is curious if we consider that the protagonist is an artificial being called IB1. The plot promises to surprise players with a story full of mystery in a world that invites exploration and delving into its secrets.

"Faced with the impossibility of reversing the effects of climate change, humanity decided to create the City of Light, a colossal city protected by a dome in which to ensure the survival of future generations," reads the official description of the game. "The city awaits the arrival of its first inhabitants, the Seeds, children who will be cared for and educated by humanoid-looking robots." However, something does not go well, and that is when we have to deal with these problems.

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