What would a game from almost 40 years ago look like on Unreal Engine?

A team of developers recreates the legendary Ice Climber using Epic Games' new graphics engine.

Perhaps older gamers, those who have been seduced by the charm of classic games or fans of the franchise Smash Bros.remember Ice Climber. This title developed by Nintendo accompanied the NES in its European landing in 1985. And it was famous for its difficulty. It has recently been recovered by Charles Fortin, who has published a video on YouTube showing a demo game of this old title with current graphics thanks to the graphics engine Unreal Engine 4.

Fortin and his team have taken 7 weeks to create this demo, which shows different levels and is a proposal that more than one fan would be willing to try, for example, in Nintendo switch. In Artstation you can find different stage designs from this project that show the great amount of work put in by these fans to recover Ice Climber. We have also recently seen how well Epic Games' powerful graphics engine adapts to other old games, such as Metroid Prime or Project Lambda, a Half Life mod with Unreal Engine 4.

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