How to find Deviljho and the new cloak in Monster Hunter World

Locate the new monster, available on PS4 and Xbox One with patch 2.0.

Monster Hunter: World Patch 2.0 is here! As you probably know, it includes several UI improvements and weapon balance adjustments, but there's no doubt that the biggest new feature is the inclusion of the Deviljho, a gross wyvern that has appeared in various games since the third generation of the series. In this guide, we explain how to find a Deviljho and add it to your quest board. And by the way, we unlock the new dragon-proof cloak.

The first thing you should do is, of course, download and install the Monster Hunter: World 2.0 update on your console before launching the game. Then keep in mind that Deviljho will only appear in high-rank missions of six stars or higher, so you will need to have at least RC 13. The good - or bad, depending on what you want to see - is that it appears in any mission or expedition to from that point on, just like the Bazelgeuse.

Monster Hunter World Guide - Cheats, Tips and Secrets

The faster way to find himHowever, it is to open the world map from Astera and move the cursor in the menu through the different areas of the game. If you look closely, a token appears on the right margin of the screen, and in it you will find the monsters that are inside at that very moment. If you find an unidentified monster icon and it says "???" in the name, congratulations! Deviljho is inside. You will have to follow the trail of footprints with your lafarillos to find their exact location, yes. Didn't you find the questions on any map? Nothing happens: load a mission, exit it and try again.

Get Deviljho Quests and New Cloak Ready to get all the gear pieces?

To get all the materials you need and create that set of Vangis you want so much, you will want to have it as a mission objective on the mission board. After your first encounter with Deviljho, return to Astera and speak to the Jovial Investigator, who has a blue exclamation icon on the map.

Regardless of whether you hunted, captured, or simply spotted the Deviljho, it will assign you a special order called "The food chain dominator" in its English version. To progress you must level up the research bar of the violent monster, or simply hunt or capture one you find. Did you do it on your first sighting? Then talk to the investigator again to unlock the corresponding mission. Remember to eat before entering, because the manager will not be able to participate in the canteen once you enter.

Once you finish the special order, you will unlock the "Dragonproof Mantle", which protects you from the dragon plague, reduces dragon elemental damage and boosts your dragon elemental attack.

Above these lines you can see all the equipment and abilities of Deviljho weapons and armor in a video (in English) of ArekkzGaming, a valued member of the Monster Hunter: World community. We also invite you to stay tuned for the raw wyverns guide, which we will update with information from Deviljho as soon as exact statistics on its rewards and weaknesses emerge on the internet. If you still have any questions about the video game, you may find answers in the complete guide to Monster Hunter: World.