How to start playing Horizon: Zero Dawn - The Frozen Wilds

We offer you a brief guide to successfully face the new expansion of the game from guerrilla Games.

The time has come to re-draw our hunting bow and accompany Aloy on a new adventure with the expansion The Frozen Wilds for the great Horizon Zero: Dawn. But before you set out to discover this unprecedented territory, meet its inhabitants and face its new dangers, Jeroen Roding, Guerrilla community manager, offers a short guide to make the experience as rewarding as possible.

Load your last game Once this content is installed you can play it whenever and however you want. But if you have already finished the main plot and you have a good level and equipment for Aloy, you may want to start a new game (New Game +).

Check Your Level With that said, you might want to play a bit earlier to refresh the controls and, incidentally, raise your experience level a bit. The Frozen Wilds can be easily faced with a level 30, something that if you have finished the story posed by the original game you will have more than overcome.

Complete the mission "Seeker at the Gates" This new adventure takes place in the northern region of the map, in a new area called "El Tajo". Obviously, if you have advanced enough in your futuristic quest to reach level 30, you will have passed this point in history and will have access to the area.

Search for the non-player character To start collecting markers that adorn your updated map, find a non-player character who suggests missions to you in El Tajo. There are three different characters of this type, indicated by a blue icon above their heads. You can find it in these areas: Rhavid, this nobleman of the Carja has information about the border territory of the Banuk and you can find him on the outskirts of Meridian. Ohtur, It has information on how to access the Tagus, you can find it in a fort on the Carja border. Yariki It is a Banuk that will advise you on the dangers that await you at the border, it awaits you north of El Cementétrico.

Survive The Frozen Wilds is a new challenge, designed for players who have already enjoyed the base game, and therefore, more demanding than most of the missions that you have been able to play so far. Hence, we recommend that you have your equipment ready and that you feel comfortable with the controls and the different mechanics. The north can be very hostile territory.

This new expansion for Horizon: Zero Dawn is available for PS4 from November 7, and is the first great content for one of the most recently rated SONY exclusives. You can take a look at this content in this interesting video that presents all its news.