How to unlock the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts 3

We tell you all the requirements and the list of Fortune Bearers in this guide.

After a very long wait, fans of the Kingdom Hearts saga can finally enjoy Kingdom Hearts III. In fact, you can download an update today that unlocks the secret ending of the game ... although not everyone will be able to see it as soon as the patch installation is complete. Why? Because there are some requirements that you must meet first, and in this guide we tell you what they are and how to unlock the secret ending from Kingdom Hearts 3.

As we told you a few days ago, we already know that the requirements to see that final are conditioned by two elements: the Fortune Beaters and the level of difficulty at which you are playing KH3. Surely you are well familiar with the difficulty modes, but thinking about those who are most lost in the game, we will clarify that the Fortune Bearers are collectibles distributed all over the world and that to obtain them, you have to find them and take a picture with them.

What is the relationship between difficulty and Fortune Bearers? During the main run of Kingdom Hearts 3, none. But if you want to see the secret ending, you should know that the more difficult you adjust the game, the less Fortune Bearers you must have unlocked. In fact, we illustrate it with a simple table below.

Selected difficultyFortune holders required

There is only one question left to be answered: how are they identified and where are all the Fortune Bearers? You will recognize these collectibles immediately if you notice that they are shaped like Mickey Mouse's head and ears. When you find one, just take a photo of them and it will be added to your collection. Make sure you have them all.

WorldTotal fortunes
Twilight town9
Toy story11
SA monsters.11
Pirates of the Caribbean13
Big hero 611
Winnie the pooh3