How to get the Izanagi's Charge Exotic weapon in Destiny 2

A step-by-step Destiny 2 guide to grabbing one of the jewels of the Black Armory.

Over the past few weeks, the Destiny 2 community has managed to solve the mysteries of Destiny 2's Black Armory - The Forsaken and the tough puzzle of Niobe Labs. As a result, we can now access a total of four different forges. Although each one has its own catalog of associated weapons, there are three that stand out above all: Le Monarque, Jötunn, and Izanagi's Charge Exotic Sniper Rifle. The first two are subject to random factors, but in this guide we tell you step by step how to get the last one.

Why are you interested in Izanagi's Cargo? Well, first of all, it's one of those few sniper rifles that have no item, so they equip in your first inventory slot to allow you to also equip Moon's Howl or Never Forgotten if you're more of a PvP or Beast Nation if you prefer PvE (just a recommendation, equip whatever you want!). Its ability allows you to fuse all the bullets in the magazine into a single, more powerful one. This allows you to kill other guardians using a super, or even alien elites.

Discover secrets in the Dream City of Destiny 2 Forsaken

The problem with this ability is that you need to fuse four bullets to kill with one body shot in PvP: the most skilled surely prefer to keep their rifles as usual and kill more with fewer bullets, while in PvE they have to face rifles like the Whisper of the Worm, a weapon with greater impact and that provides you infinite bullets without reloading, giving for made you have enough precision. Will Izanagi Charge be enhanced with a future update? We do not know. Just in case, here are the steps to get it.

Get the mystery box

The Destiny 2 Annual Pass will give you access to the first forge, the Forge of Volundr, on Earth. You don't have to know the path by heart, you can set a route point to get there and that's it. As you approach the machine that opens the encounter itself, you will see that there is a broken bridge that you must jump across. Before doing so, look at a hidden path following the left side of the cliff. Follow him to reach a cave with a Black Armory capsule and a cube that you can examine to get the mystery box.

This box has four locks, all of them linked to a forge: that of the hook (Forge of Volundr), that of the butterfly (Forge of Gofannon), that of the hand (Forge of Izanami) and that of the Black Armory (Forge of Bergusia). To get the first three, you simply have to break some drones that appear in the second round of their corresponding activity. The last one requires several extra steps that we explain below.

Location of all drones in Destiny 2 Forsaken

Fishhook Lock The Forge of Volundr is easily unlocked, following the steps indicated by Ada-1 in your welcome to the Black Armory. Once there, you must play until the second round of the activity for them to appear two drones (like the ones that orbit the Black Armory saboteurs and crates). You only have about 20 seconds to destroy them or they will disappear.

  • The first is to the left of the entrance, flying over an islet outside the Forge. It is advisable to use a sniper rifle to shoot it down.
  • The second appears hanging from a stalactite to the right of the entrance. It is easy to see it due to its proximity and the contrast of colors with the cave.

Butterfly Lock Have you unlocked Volundr's Forge? Well, let's go for the following: Gofannon's Forge. It is nothing particularly complicated, but it is a very long process. To access it you will have to complete a fairly long chain of missions that begins when you receive pieces stolen from the Black Armory, which is a random 'drop' of fallen.

You won't have to kill too many to find it, so head to Trostland or the Tangled Coast to get it quickly. Once you complete the mission and reach the Gofannon Forge, repeat the steps of the previous lock. We tell you where the drones are.

  • The first floats between two beams of the huge ruined structure on one side of the forge, to the left if you look straight ahead.
  • The second drone flies over a 'spawn' just to the left of that one, slightly above your guardian's head.

Hand lock We went from the French to the Japanese. Once you have the Gofannon Forge at your disposal, we will return to Nessus to get Izanami's. A chain of missions equal to or longer than the previous one awaits you, only this time we will start by killing Vex instead of fallen. Assuming you already have access to the forge, we leave you the location of the drones.

These are easy: once the second round begins, aim for the semi-built columns that are in one corner of the two islands near the part where the forge is located. They are arranged symmetrically, so you won't have a problem finding the islands or drones.

Get the key to the Black Armory

The mother of the lamb! Let's go with the black armory lock, the most complicated of all (don't worry, it's not really that bad). This key was particularly elusive, as the mold to make it was hidden behind Niobe Labs. Luckily, it's quite easy to get it now, you just have to talk to Ada-1 to get it.

The first step is to get lookout glasses, a type of enemy that only appears in the bowels of the Leviathan. To find them, as soon as you appear at the start of the raid, go down to the level immediately below and go to the back room: one with three columns and six computers (two in each). You must activate these computers in a specific order for the path to open. From left to right, they are the computers that occupy positions 1, 5, 3, 2, 4 and 6. You must do it quickly, so if it costs you ask for help from a friend or group of friends.

Then simply find a room with lookouts. As soon as they see you, they will become immune and activate an alert: defeat all the enemies so that it passes and you can return to kill lookouts. You don't need to look for several different groups of lookouts: just leave and re-enter the room and they will recharge and you can kill them again.

Next we have to get a material called bright amethyst, which appears as a reward for completing raids or public events. If you're only here to get Izanagi's Charge, we recommend that you save time by manually charging the Lake of Shadows assault, one of the fastest and easiest to do in the game, and repeating it 10 times.

The next step is to complete the Bergusia Forge in its most temperate state, so we will have to destroy two drones that float, respectively, at the bottom of the ruins and at the top of some pipes you steal following the outer wall of the building on the right. As always, finish the activity and collect the key to continue.

Fix encryption

Open all the locks on the mystery box to get a cipher that you must deliver to Ada-1 in the Tower. Now we have to get a obsididian crystal, which is achieved by completing a peculiar contract. This is the most cumbersome point of the entire mission: the peculiar contract is subject to random factors, so you may find it the first time and maybe not. What you must do to complete it also depends on your luck, there are some that ask you to kill enemies with weapons from the Black Armory and others that ask you to complete a raid. Good luck! To get one, just do Ada-1 daily contracts until you get a peculiar contract. If you're unlucky and don't want to wait for the next reboot, complete forge ignitions until one is delivered to you.

Next step! We need a ascending glass shard, something that we will achieve by completing the Fragmented Throne: the first dungeon of the Destiny saga. It appears every three weeks in the Dream City, under a bridge that is coming out of the Oracle room. It is not the only hard activity that we will have to complete, yes. After finishing with Dûl Incaru, we will have to Complete a special version of the Pyramidion at 640 power with sunburn and gear locked. If you have the Whisper of the Worm, feel free to use it.

Finally, we will face the mission "Bolt and padlock" in the European Dead Zone. It is a tougher version of the Bergusia Forge with recommended power of 650 where you will face Siviks the Ungovernable, brother of The Spider. After successfully completing the mission, talk to Ada-1 to receive Izanagi's Burden.