How to access special content in Red Dead Redemption 2

Talismans, horses, weapons ... we tell you where to find your special content in this guide.

Did you pre-order Red Dead Redemption 2 before its release? Maybe you got a special edition of the game? There is a good amount of interesting content in these packages, but the truth is that you will not be able to claim it as soon as you start playing. In this guide, we explain how you can access special contents like the Thoroughbred Black Thrush, the Nuevo Paraíso Gunslinger Outfit, and more.

If despite meeting the access requirements you still cannot find your content, make sure you have redeemed the code that accompanies your disc if you purchased RDR 2 in box, or that you have downloaded the DLC relevant if you bought it in digital format. And if you have not yet decided to get hold of the game or not, we recommend that you drop by our analysis of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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RDR 2 Special Content And Where To Find It!

War HorseIncluded in all game reservations. It can be found in the stables once you unlock them.
Thoroughbred black thrushLike the previous one, it can be found in the stables. However, it is only included in RDR 2 Special Edition and Ultimate Edition.
Talisman and medallionIf you have the Special Edition or Ultimate Edition, you can equip the Eagle Talisman and Iguana Medallion as soon as you get to Chapter 2: the first is in the closet, and the second from the draw.
Nuevo Paraíso Gunslinger OutfitThis outfit is in the closet, and as in the previous case you can access it as soon as you get to chapter 2 of the story.
Special weaponsThe Special Edition and the Ultimate Edition of the game include a bonus money and starting weapons that can come in handy. Claim them at any gunsmith in the game when you finish Chapter 1 of the story.
Missions "Bank robbery" and "Den assault"Both missions can be found during the course of the story if you have the Special Edition or the Ultimate Edition. The game will notify you as soon as they can be played, but if you skip them you can find them from the "Story" menu.