Codemasters brings out the first details of its F1 game

It will be multiplatform and intended for both expert and less experienced players.

If a few weeks ago Codemasters revealed that it had obtained the FIA ​​licenses to carry out and publish the next official titles of Formula 1, today the CEO of the company has begun to show the intentions of these projects that, almost with in all security, they will reach all gaming platforms.

Speaking of platforms, in principle and according to Cousen, while the versions of Playstation 3 Y Xbox 360 will follow a parallel development process to obtain a similar result, the version for Wii You will use the controller as a Mario Kart-style steering wheel.

Regarding playable terms related to the damage system that will be implemented in the game as well as its more or less simulator or arcade control model, Cousens commented:

[c] “The intention is to offer both possibilities in the game, simulation for expert players and also a more arcade experience that allows you to play in a few seconds. We want to convey the real experience of racing, and we know what that entails, for example in terms of realism in collisions or vehicle damage. The challenge will be to find the balance. I think that in Grid we got a great adjustment, and I also think that in Formula One we will do it again. "[/ C]

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