Code Vein will be piloted in a console beta soon, sign up!

Bandai Namco does not offer a release date for the expected video game.

Do you want to know more about Code Vein? The video game of Bandai namco and the creators of God eater, Shift, has emerged from the dungeons after a few months of silence: it is alive, and it plans to prove it with an online test on PS4 and Xbox One at the end of May.

The production of Shift takes us to enjoy a vampiric adventure in which we put ourselves in the shoes of the Revenant, beings that require blood to survive their cursed destiny. An Action-RPG that urges us to collaborate with other characters to survive the fate of its hero with a marked anime aesthetic.

Since its delay in July 2018, little had been said about the production. If you want to try Code Vein ahead of time, do not hesitate to register on their website to aspire to be one of those chosen by Bandai namco. Its launch will take place on PS4, Xbox One and PC on a date to be determined in 2019.

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