Cliff Bleszinski, creator of Gears of War, refused to be part of the development of Silent Hills

Hideo Kojima, a close friend of his, offered to work on the long-awaited project.

Cliff bleszinski

The friendship between the father of Gears of War, Cliff bleszinski, and Metal Gear Solid, Hideo kojima, is a proven fact. However, the American has explained an unknown event to date: it could be part of the development of "a new Silent Hill". He tells on Twitter that "Kojima once told me to do a new Silent Hill together. I was flattered but ended up rejecting him."

The development was to take place in Los Angeles, which Bleszinski didn't seem to like: "I don't like Los Angeles, I love the new IPs and I would have screwed up with Silent Hill." The only Silent Hill that Hideo Kojima has been involved in is the canceled Silent Hills. The inclusion of Cliff Bleszinski to the dream team formed by the Japanese, Guillermo del Toro and the mangaka Junji Ito would have been unrepeatable.

At the end of April the sad end of the Silent Hills project was known: it was canceled by Konami and nothing has been heard from the franchise.