Keys and tips for all Overwatch support heroes

A guide to the abilities and stats of Mercy, Moira, Zenyatta, and more.

As in all arts, experimentation and dedication are the best ingredients to achieve results. This is no less true in Overwatch, of course. Practice a lot and you will be able to dominate any hero on the squad. But in this guide, we are going to talk about the support heroes and the main techniques that you must master, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

Ana, Brigitte, Lúcio, Mercy, Moira and Zenyatta would enter the category of support or healer. They are not many, but they are enough to alternate tasks such as healing, damage improvements, speed and even effects in area. If you take into account everything we tell you, it is likely that you will improve your efficiency more quickly than if you just play until you learn.

Dominate every tank hero in Overwatch

What you have before you is not very different from the exercise table that you would take to the gym, for example. But we recommend that you not only practice and read our guides, but also immerse yourself in information from content creators on YouTube or Twitch. You'll find plenty of detailed help for just about any hero, and it'll be very informative.

Ana "Children, behave."

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Keys and tips

Ana is just what she sounds like: a sniper grandmother who can heal allies and damage enemies with her darts, tranquilizers, and potions. As a good support hero, yes, his main mission is to heal. If you use it as a DPS, you are probably annoying your team. Do not do that! Instead, the best thing you can do is support characters that short-ranged heroes like Moira cannot help. For example, Ana and Genji complement each other very well because the former is able to give him power and keep him alive during his ultimate ability, something that other heroes find difficult or dangerous. Something similar happens with Pharah as well.

Their biggest rivals? Tracer, Reaper, Pharah… everything that moves fast and stealthy! But you have a little help: your healing grenade. If you throw it to the ground while someone is stalking you, you will force them to leave and recover some breath to ask your allies for help in the next charge. If you have very good aim, you can also reserve your tranquilizer dart to deal with these types of opponents and guarantee a free kill to yours. If not, better save it and throw it at targets easier to hit, like a Reinhardt charging an ally or a Winston charging for another healer.

If you're really good at aiming and you dare to go for a smaller hitbox then you can also shoot difficult targets like Pharah and Mercy. Each of them falls by three shots under normal circumstances (no armor, no shields, no augments of any kind). But as we said before, your main role is that of a healer, not harm. Do this only if you can and want to help your 'hitscans'.

Brigitte "I take care of you."

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Keys and tips

Loved and hated in equal measure, Brigitte is a supportive heroine who is also shares several tank traits. Plus, it does enough damage to handle many specialists in one-on-one combat with no problem. It really is good for many things ... but it does not specialize in any of them. And you shouldn't just use it to heal, or to tank, or to deal damage, either. She is in the middle between all that.

The shield and her shield hitting ability are probably the lynchpin of the action with Brigitte. You should be wearing it up most of the time, and you will want to use it in more or less the same situations as Reinhardt. His ability to stun is the direct and immediate solution to any of the problems encountered by other characters: Tracer, Genji, Reaper, Sombra ... these characters will have to think very well before entering an environment protected by Brigitte. It's also great for starting offenses. For example, you can go up to Reinhardt, hit him with the shield and render him useless for a few seconds. And not only him, but also all those behind him. Or you can reserve it to incapacitate an enemy about to execute a powerful ability, like Hanzo, Reaper, or Genji.

However, always go in the company of your team, because you will not have excess health in anything that is not one against one. If you find yourself in trouble, push your opponent with the flail and flee by walking or using the shield charge to gain distance. The flail pushes far enough to make it viable (roughly the same distance as Roadhog's grapple) when knocking enemies off the map.

Lúcio "Let yourself be carried away by the rhythm!"

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Keys and tips

Lúcio is the best that exists to keep the team healthy and united. Another thing is that perhaps each player will go on their own, but under normal conditions of cooperation it is formidable in everything it concerns the area effect. It has two modes: speed and healing, and you can only toggle them; never combine them. A good Lúcio player alternates one and another ability while doing parkour to hold out in a zone or even lead an offensive (depending on the circumstances) but relies on a second, more focused healer, like Mercy, Ana, or Moira, to do her job.

Its speed boost will leave no one behind, and it can also serve to hunt down any stray opponents, solo or with allies. In combat, he can keep the most dangerous enemies out and flee quickly, or even quickly alternate between healing and boost to remain untouchable in one spot for long periods of time. Depending on the map, he can run, jump, and push enemies off stage, too.

There are many benefits! But you won't really be able to shine if you don't master parkour techniques. And it would be difficult and very long to cover all these details here. Lúcio gains speed by running up the walls, so each map has different advantages and disadvantages for him. The most enthusiastic will devour YouTube tutorials to learn about all these key routes, although the basic ones are learned with experience. Evidently!

Mercy "Heroes never die."

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Keys and tips

Mercy is one of the most adjusted characters in the history of Overwatch, and has gone from being a mandatory healer on all teams to a circumstantial complement. He can heal massive amounts of health and give huge damage buffs to the same character at the same time (before casting the ultimate, at least) so the key is learning to move and select targets.

As for movement, like all other heroes, he has certain… curiosities. For example, if you go for an ally and jump just before reaching it, you will launch even further in the same direction. This can help you reach out to friends in trouble far away, or even go on the offensive from the air if you see an easy target.

But moving isn't everything, of course. Since she is a healer who can only treat one hero at a time, you must also learn to heal wisely. That means if you must heal two 200 HP heroes and one 600 HP hero, you should heal just a little bit for the 600, then fully heal the 200, and go back to the 600 to finish the task. It's just an example, of course. It is actually a tremendously situational task. But the idea is the same: keeping all your allies alive does not mean that you can heal them all completely and now.

Lastly, keep in mind that Mercy can keep a single key damage character alive during specific situations. In metagame terms, we call this technique 'pocketing', and it is usually applied to Pharah and occasionally to other heroes. There is nothing weird about doing this, but never forget that you are not there to heal a single character. If you are with Pharah and she is shot dead (from Widow, for example) you can try to avoid taking a headshot by spinning quickly while reviving your partner. But it's risky all the same and you shouldn't risk the healing of 4 for the life of 1.

Moira "Science will reveal the truth"

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Keys and tips

Moira is one of the best assets out there when it comes to balancing health and damage. Moira's main role is to heal, but the fastest way to recharge her medicine is by absorbing life energy from enemies. So you will have to hand out tasks constantly while playing with this character. The primary fire (heal) is used to heal melee characters and is most effective if you shake the camera to hit multiple allies in close proximity to you.

The damage beam, on the other hand, can be used at a distance and is very useful against elusive characters, especially against Genji. There's not much else you can do to damage, so you must master the health / damage orb and the fading to stay alive. The orb has a predetermined amount of healing and damage and travels healing or damaging nearby characters (allies or enemies, depending on their type). You can refill your ultimate by spending four full healing orbs, and absorb part of them if you walk in the same direction you send them.

Damages won't wreak havoc (and can be blocked by D.Va) but they're enough to force nearby enemies back. You can take advantage of it to fade away and return to your team if you need to, too. Or simply to gain an advantageous position.

Zenyatta "Go through the iris!"

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Keys and tips

Zenyatta is another ranged support character, although unlike Ana, she only needs to aim to deal damage on her own: both healing and increased damage are executed through orbs that Zenyatta puts and takes away at will on allies and opponents. without needing to carefully aim your target. His main shot, however, does require a lot of aim.

The health and damage orbs are purely strategic. You can place health orbs on tanks to gain high skill energy or on low health allies to keep them alive while they do their job. Damage is great for taking down key opponents like Pharah or Reaper; and the rest of the time they are generally placed in tanks to have a chance to destabilize the entire enemy team.

The primary firing mode, on the other hand, requires a precise calculation of the firing trajectory to hit from a distance. Although most of the time you will simply want to load up to five orbs and launch them all at once on easy targets. He's also your best resource for dealing with the many damage characters looking to prey on you.