Five new studios to develop your videogames through the PlayStation Shuttle

Games like Drawfighters, Urbunt-Ur, Motorstrike or Rollin 'B.O.B. they will benefit from the initiative.

Sony, in its Spanish division, has announced that there are already five teams selected for the PlayStation shuttle, the initiative that we have been talking about for some time and that serves as a "project accelerator" and that serves as a boost for development studios on PlayStation 4.

"To this first call, more than 90 projects with more than five months of development behind them have been submitted (Beta Phase). A jury made up of the SCE Spain team has chosen five of those projects that will become part of the Shuttle PlayStation from February 1 and they will have free access to a physical space to work in the Madrid Cultural Factory for 10 months; PS4 development kits; technical and legal support from SCE Spain; and a communication and marketing campaign in their own media to support the video game when it goes on sale ", they explain in a press release.

"We are pleasantly surprised by the reception that this first call for PlayStation Shuttle has had. The level has been very high and the decision has not been easy at all. In fact, we have finally chosen to expand the places from four to five projects that will have everything our support ", declares Roberto Yeste, head of local development at SCE Spain. "Our goal is to publish five titles within a year under the umbrella of PlayStation Talents, a pioneering program of the company that encompasses all our initiatives aimed at promoting local development and positioning Spain as a benchmark in the world of video games ".

The projects selected in this edition are:
  • Drawfighters (WildbitStudios): Players will create a team of powerful creatures to battle frenzied round-the-clock battles and claim the trophies of the Three Volcanoes Tournament. They will be able to sign new and spectacular combatants with the profits of the battles or using RTSE, a technology created and registered by WildbitStudios that allows, from a 2D image, to extract a 3D model and an autonomous skeleton that can receive procedural animations, library or user generated.
  • Urbunt-Ur, The City at the Center of the World (Gammera Nest): The studio responsible for the project that led us into the magical world of Nubla, is already working on the second installment of the game. With a more professional team and with the support of the educational department of the Thyssen - Bornemisza Museum, Urbunt-Ur, The City in the Center of the World proposes a journey through the world of Nubla where the player will discover multiple corners and inhabitants. An adventure that ends again in the museum, to which he will return once he has returned the lost creativity to that universe now without identity and after having set the passage of time in motion.
  • MotorStrike: Immortal Legends (FiveXGames): After entering the PlayStation® Awards in 2015 and winning two nominations and the 'Game with the Best Art' award, FiveXGames studio joins those chosen to be part of the PlayStation® Shuttle in 2016. MotorStrike: Immortal Legends is a video game racing and shooting with a simple and direct style that focuses the action on the cars and the game. You will be able to compete through exciting scenarios, driving cars inspired by iconic movies and series and there will be weapons, talents and skills to compete in different game modes.
  • Rollin 'B.O.B. & The Evil Factory (Moon Factory): It is a 2D platform game, in which the player guides and protects our main robot, B.O.B., drawing lines along a factory full of traps and enemies. The character must thus save his friends, who have been kidnapped to be cast, assembled and transformed into war machines. The title, born in the classrooms of U-tad, was presented at the PlayStation® 2015 Awards where it won the ‘Most Innovative Game’ Award and was nominated in three more categories.
  • Moeraki Boulder Match (Animatoon Studio): The studio responsible for Dogchild, winner of the 2014 PlayStation® Awards, joins the Shuttle with a new project, a MOSA (Multiplayer Online Sports Arena) based on matches / battles between stone giants. Moeraki Boulder Match (working title) mixes American football with the Mesoamerican ball game and proposes frantic battles in different locations with the stone giants and their armor as the protagonists.