Chrono Break, the Owlboy creator's homage to Chrono Trigger

Simon S. Andersen presents a spectacular trailer inspired by the Square series.

Simon S. Andersen, one of the main authors behind the successful Owlboy of D-Pad Studio, has posted on the network a trailer of a project that he has baptized as Chrono Break, which would be an amateur sequel to Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, the beloved and longed-for role-playing series Square enix.

Andersen explained on Twitter that “what you are going to see next does not exist. It is not licensed, nor approved or in development ”, he assured,“ I do it for entertainment, and after many years thinking about doing it, and I have finally convinced myself to make it happen. Enjoy".

The trailer, which has a spectacular finish that tries to imitate the design and settings of the Super Nintendo and PSX titles, has featured music by Jonathan Geer.

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