Censorship on the cover of Persona 5? Atlus guarantees that it was a coincidence

The placement of the rating table by age covers the neckline of one of the protagonists.

One of the news that was spoken yesterday after unveiling the definitive cover of Persona 5 is the subtle change between the Japanese and the American: Morgana, a kind of cat that will accompany the protagonists in the new adventure, covers a discreet neckline of one of the protagonists on the western cover. As is usual in such cases, many users have regretted the decision made by the distributor.

The one who has come to the fore has been the public relations of Atlus in United States, John hardin, which has ensured that "the changes to the cover of Persona 5 are due to the fact that the ESRB and the Japanese CERO painting are different. We did not want to cover Morgana's face, so we preferred to place her elsewhere. Take off your hats of aluminum foil ", referring to the conspirators of the supposed censorship plot.

The reality is that, coincidental or not, it would not have been a decision that would have surprised many users in the West seeing the latest references of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and the decisions made by Nintendo for the protagonists of the game in which it collaborates Atlus. Persona 5 will arrive on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in February 2017.