CD Projekt "looks forward to" virtual reality

If this technology helps the creators of The Witcher 3 "to tell stories", they will not hesitate to use it in future games.

It is not something they will work on immediately, but on the team responsible for the great The Witcher III: Wild Hunt They acknowledge following the progress of virtual reality with interest, because in the future, they do not rule out taking advantage of this technology.

"We are watching it with interest. We tell stories. If virtual reality can help us, we will definitely consider it," said the co-founder of CD Projekt RED, Marcin Iwiński. "But right now, personally I am looking for something that is really important as an experience. Why did I reserve Switch? Not because I want Switch itself; it's because I want Zelda," says the creative.

"Also, it's probably not a good example [to talk about virtual reality] either, because I get dizzy very quickly," concludes Iwiński, currently immersed in the development of Cyberpunk 2077.

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