Castlestorm 2 announces a delay in its release without a specific release date

One week from the original release date, the game announces that it will arrive until next fall.

Last June Zen Studios announced that on July 31 it would reach PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch his game Castlestorm 2, independent proposal that combines several genres of video games and whose main novelty compared to the last delivery is to implement conquest of territories with real-time strategy as part of its various game mechanics.

The decision was made with the intention of ensuring that Castlestorm II meets the team's standards.Zen StudiosToday we know that the game will be released on all platforms has suffered a slight delay, Zen Studios released a statement stating that it will be the next fall that we can enjoy your proposal. "The decision to delay was made with the intention of ensuring that Castlestorm II meets the standards of the team that hopes to deliver an exciting sequel to the multi-genre mashup series," the statement said.

For the moment no more has been said about the causes of the delay nor has a specific release date been announced, the statement only indicates that this announcement will come at a time when the Zen Studios team feels ready to do so.

The news about delays in the launch of video games or expansions for service-type games have been very constant in the industry. Only this week Fortnite announced the delay in the arrival of cars to the game, 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim slightly delayed its launch on PS4, the soulslike Hellpoint delayed its launch on Nintendo Switch and surprisingly Sea of ​​Thieves postponed its free update this month.