Capturing the Flag in Overwatch is, for now, a temporary option

Blizzard acknowledges that it had been working on a similar game mode for years.

The new Overwatch seasonal event has not only brought with it more than a hundred cosmetic items, it also gives fans the opportunity to enjoy a particular version of the classic Capture the Flag here known as Capture the Rooster. Will it be a permanent game mode? No… for now, as confirmed by the creative director of this fantastic multiplayer action video game.

Jeff Kaplan confirms that already at the time, before even announcing the game, they worked in this game mode. "We created prototypes of different game modes and we tried to make them work", highlights in the video that you can see in this news. Why then is there no more variety of modes? The creative of Blizzard is clear about it. "Over the years we have found that, in general, Overwatch works best with a game mode of single target. If you think of Control, Assault, the hybrids, Explosive charge… there is only one objective. Either you attack, or you defend, or you have to take a control point. "

Overwatch works best with a single objective game mode Capture the Flag, continue, it is different as there are two objectives going at the same time. "That's why we've been fighting this mode for years for a variety of reasons. The main one is that Overwatch heroes are purposely designed with mobility skills they are very powerful […] In general, there is a lot of mobility, "explains Kaplan, who gives examples of some of the special movements of heroes like Winston, capable of jumping and traveling great distances in a jiffy.

"Over the years, after trying numerous versions of Capture the Flag, we got to abandon it for a while because we didn't want to have to add a bunch of rules that would completely transform the heroes of Overwatch." So what prompted Blizzard to take the plunge now? Although he recognizes that this mode is not "100% balanced and tuned for the standard of competitive mode or fast games", the "a little crazy" character of its action and the fun of the proposal makes it ideal for the game. Arcadian, which is a place where fans can "come in and let off steam" without complications.

Maybe if one day we manage to fine-tune and balance it we could try to include it in other modes. But now we do not have it in mind, "concludes the creative. So, those who want to enjoy the particular Capture the Flag of Overwatch have until February 3 to do so, then the event dedicated to the Year of the Rooster will come to an end.

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