Capcom on Street Fighter V's Erotic Camera Changes: "We want everyone to enjoy the game"

The producer of the game confesses that some users did not like the change and they rebuked him on Twitter.

It was news a few months ago: Cammy and Rainbow Mika, fighters of the imminent Street Fighter V, starred in somewhat erotic points of view during some sets of combat. It seems that Capcom received some criticism and they decided to put sand in the middle by changing the camera's perspectives in order to end the debate and not offend anyone. They have been asked again about the decision made, but now the answer comes from one of the most important members in the development of the franchise itself.

The producer of the game, Yoshinori Ono, has explained the change and his vision on it: "We decided to change the point of view of Rainbow Mika's Critical Art a bit. We made other small changes in the points of view of the cameras and their angles with the characters. an answer about the feedback that came to us. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the game. We don't want to offend anyone; we want it to be enjoyable by all possible players, hence we wanted to find a friendly environment for everyone. "

As he has confessed on the American portal GameSpot, it seems that not everyone liked the decision, and that many users responded badly on Twitter after learning about the change. He commented that "the message we want to give our most loyal fans is that we are aware of the identity of the series, and we want to ensure that the identity of Street Fighter will remain as it should. We may make adjustments and move something, but the experience of the fight, the battle, will be the same ".

Erotic or not, Street Fighter V will launch in just three weeks. It will arrive on PlayStation 4 and PC on February 16.