Capcom: "We wanted to distance Ryu from Ken a bit more in Street Fighter V"

Unlike Ryu, Ken's appearance and playstyle differs from the character's traditional appearances.

Ken's appearance has been one of the most controversial decisions made in the development of Street fighter v. The fighter had a new hairstyle, clothing and fighting style, which was quite a departure from the traditionally known blonde karate fighter. Why was it? The manager of the Street Fighter brand, Mike lunn, has explained his vision to the American media IGN at PAX South.

"Ken is fine. People say he looks a little different and it is true: he is a little different, his hair is somewhat different and his clothes are somewhat sportier than usual. But we have also made his game very different: We wanted to distance to both of them a little more so they wouldn't be Uncle Red Ninja and Uncle White Ninja again. " Goal Achieved: Despite retaining the fundamental attacks of the series, Ryu and Ken's mechanics have nothing to do with each other.

There is little left for the premiere of Street Fighter V in Spain. Its launch will take place next February 16th. The latest beta has allowed users all over the world to cross fists again: it lasted over the past weekend and performed better than in past tests. Will Capcom have enough to guarantee a clean and up-to-date premiere in a couple of weeks?