Capcom prefers to make 9 games even if they sell less

The Osaka editor talks about her January releases, a classic trend at the firm.

Resident Evil 7.

The GamesIndustry portal spoke to the COO and Marketing Director of Capcom Europe, Stuart Turner and Antoine Molant, respectively, on Capcom's philosophy of selling their video games today. Regarding the comparison of sales between resident Evil 6 Y Resident Evil 7, which has been common during the first months of the seventh installment on the market, Turner explained that "there is an artistic element that always appears when we know that we are doing things the right way. And if we compare RE7 with RE6, the numbers Absolutes are not the same, but in terms of profitability it is absolutely fine in terms of our internal objectives. "

Turner recalled that "Resident Evil 7 was very well received.And in some respects, getting good reviews and high marks counts for Capcom as much as a game that can sell millions, millions and millions of copies. We prefer 9 sets that sell less to 6 sets that sell more. "Molant continues:" Currently, we focus less on day 1 sales. Now we are looking to sell long term. In these terms, Resident Evil 7 is doing incredibly well, "he said," now, just a few months after its two-year anniversary, it is still the virtual reality flagship. That helps him continue to sell well. "

Capcom seems very comfortable putting out its big video games early in the first quarter of the year. Proof of this, the premiere of Street fighter v, Resident Evil 7 or Monster hunter world between late January and early February in the last three years. It seems that the decision is made by the Osaka firm because it is comfortable in that time of the year: "We even have internal meetings in which we have a game that is ready for a certain launch window, and then we stop, think and prefer to place its slot premiere in late January. "

Turner reflected, explaining that "it seems that people have realized that it exists now. Whereas everything used to come just before the Christmas season, now you start to see high-quality titles during the first quarter." The representative guarantees that "we know our titles and our audience, and we know the appeal we have and what our competitors are trying and doing. We will not deal with companies that leave tens of millions to market their games. In some cases, we are a boutique publisher, and the end of January slot fits our philosophy. "