Capcom explains what a Resident Evil 7 character looks like

It is one of the protagonists of a DLC for the horror game.

Don't you want to know anything about Resident Evil 7? We recommend that you do not read more from here to avoid any type of spoiler.

The appearance of Chris Redfield is the great surprise of Resident Evil 7. As already known, will star in the new DLC Not a Hero, in which we will control the protagonist of the first resident Evil in a new perspective: that of the seventh installment of the franchise. Koshi nakanishi, director of the game, has recently explained the reasons that have led Capcom to change the appearance of Chris Redfield in the latest episode of the series.

The reality is that in the present video game it has opted for more realistic appearances for its protagonists, and Chris's appearance in the previous chapters, although realistic, differs from what has been seen in the last work of Capcom. Although there was speculation about the possibility of a Redfield other than Chris in Resident Evil 7, the reality is that the member of STARS he is still alive and ready to launch himself, for the umpteenth time, onto the battlefield.

Not a Hero comes to Playstation 4, Xbox One Y Pc the next spring. It will return the prominence of Resident Evil to one of its best representatives.

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