Capcom cancels future Capcom Vancouver projects

They are the current managers of the Dead Rising series.

Capcom has informed its shareholders that it expects millions in losses in the remainder of the fiscal year due to its decision to cancel future projects of Capcom Vancouver, the team responsible for the Dead Rising series, without providing further details on the consequences of this decision.

The Japanese company that is the author of the Street Fighter saga estimates that canceling the current projects of the studio formerly known as Blue Castle Games will mean losses of close to 4.5 billion yen. From Capcom they point out that this study was mainly dedicated to "developing video game software for consoles in the market outside of Japan", however, those in Osaka are "currently reviewing the distribution of resources for the development of games worldwide", leaving out of the equation to the Canadian study.

The video games that Capcom Vancouver would be working on has not been reported either, although months ago it was reported that the studio would take the reins of Dead Rising exclusively, so it is intuited that their new work was going to be Dead Rising 5.

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