Borderlands 3 will expand its story with four DLC

The main adventure will last about 30 hours.

After having a run-in with the press over Borderlands 3 micropayments, which since Gearbox They assure they will only be related to aesthetic content, one of those responsible for this long-awaited action video game has confirmed that Borderlands 3 will have four DLC related to the history of the game.

Matt Cox has not gone into details about these four great content expansions, but the Gearbox creative did want to highlight that there will be other updates with game improvements, events and new content, including the ones raids.

"We will provide more details on the endgame of Borderlands 3 around E3 2019, "said the creative." Like any other game in the Borderlands series, "we will have four DLCs based on the story," adds Cox. Do not forget that in recent days the Gearbox team confirmed that the story of Borderlands 3 will last close to 30 hours.

"We will have special events like raids. Details on how they will be unlocked will be announced later, but there will be tons of content endgame"insists the creative. If you want to know all the news about the 2K Games video game, you can check our impressions of Borderlands 3, in which we tell you how our first games with this long-awaited action video game have been.

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