Bloodborne: New Restored Creatures in Action

You can now see new enemies as they could have been seen in the game.

Lance McDonald has posted on YouTube a new video of his work to restore content removed from Bloodborne and that has remained hidden in the code since the game's launch.

In recent months, fans have managed to detect different characters within the code of Fromsoftware that are not present in the game. Yesterday we could see 5 of these eliminated creatures in action in another video. Many of these discarded models have different animations and have been able to be perfectly integrated in different scenarios. So we can get an idea and what they might have looked like at some point in the game's development, although its original functionality is unknown.

Thanks to this type of fan effort, it has been possible to recover, for example, one of the first monsters seen in Bloodborne in 2014, a fearsome creature hidden in the dungeons of the Chalice.