Bloodborne will allow us to ally with an AI-controlled hunter thanks to its next update

From Software's game will also include the so-called League, which will allow us to help other players online.

Within days of the release of the Ancient Hunters expansion, which will be released on November 24, the team of From Software has detailed the news that will incorporate the next update of Bloodborne, confirming the arrival of new game options.

The first of these refers to the call League, which is a band of Hunters who have taken an oath and who are "united by a single purpose. If you join the League, led by a mysterious figure in the garb of a bailiff and a helmet like a cauldron," reads the posted message. on the official PlayStation blog, "you can help other players online and compete on the online League scoreboard."

On the other hand, using the League staff, we can invoke characters controlled by artificial intelligence to cooperate within the game, "which is perfect for facing the most difficult zones and bosses."