Blizzard takes a company that sells hacks for its games to court

The Americans quantify in "millions" the losses suffered by their traps.

The story between Bossland Y Blizzard comes from afar: the creators of World of warcraft They have denounced the Germans, specialized in selling modules for cheats and advantages in various video games, including, of course, some from the American firm. Blizzard he thinks they have gone too far, and they quantify 42,818 fouls against the video game company's terms of use, valuing them at a minimum of $ 200 each. Ask in the German courts 8.5 million of dollars.

As explained Blizzard, Bossland would be liable for damages that have caused the loss of millions of dollars in lost sales and that have ended up ruining the experience of many players of their video games. The Germans are specialized in creating, for example, bots that continue to play your games of Hearthstone or World of warcraft automatically, allowing the user to take all the benefits of continued play without having to invest hours in the work.

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