Blasphemous presents in video a free DLC loaded with news, improvements and voices in Spanish

New areas to explore, more final enemies to fight, and changes to your action.

If you are wanting to face new challenges in the dark world of Blasphemous you will be happy to know that this challenging 2D action and platform adventure will receive a free DLC next August 4th, giving us the opportunity to enjoy more new challenges, more battles against final bosses and even an option as requested as the New Game + mode. And to accompany this news we have a new trailer that shows the bloody action of what was one of the most celebrated indie premieres of last year.

The Stir of Dawn will debut on Steam, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One for free, giving players access to a good handful of novelties, including a renewed skill progression system, which will be optional, as well as new areas to explore, characters to interact with, more stories set in this dark baroque universe; as well as enemies and fearsome bosses to duel against.

The Spanish studio of The Game Kitchen has added new mechanics of counterattack and executions, as well as changes to the mapping itself, with more places to use the fast travel option. As if that weren't enough, Blasphemous will add new objects, animations and tweaks to the artistic design of its settings, as well as voices in Spanish for the protagonists of the video game.

"All this and much more will come to Blasphemous on August 4!", Warn the authors of this video game, which once enjoyed a great premiere on Steam and the other platforms on which it landed. In addition to its good sales, Blasphemous was the big winner at the Gamelab Awards, with such notorious accolades as Game of the Year and Best Console Game.

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