BioWare explains why Anthem is not teaching anymore

The multiplayer shooter is one of the great hopes of Electronic Arts for the year 2019 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

From the catalog of Electronic arts which is scheduled for next year highlights, in its own light, the expected Anthem. A shooter with which BioWare try to get back to the top after the resounding stumble of Mass Effect Andromeda. However, and unlike many other blockbusters, they are not teaching it too much except for specific occasions such as E3 2017 of its presentation and the last E3 2018. Why is this?

"Without being intrusive, I think this is a choice we make as developers.We want to teach things that are very complete and, well, you know… Also at the right time, "said Jonathan Warner, project director in an interview with the Metro GameCentral portal." I think there is always the temptation to teach things ahead of time because they are new and because we have been working on them for a long time. But I think that, as developers, it's worth waiting a little longer until we can show something like the demo we showed you last time. As I say, it is a study development decision. "

"EA's leadership, from the studio to the top of its senior management, has been key in this regard and they have been very understanding of our decision. We are lucky enough to have leaders who know how difficult it is to develop a new IP. "said Warner, belonging to a studio with such important brands under its belt as the Dragon Age saga, for example. "As creators, launching a new brand is something very important and also very rewarding, but it is also very difficult. They have given us a lot of support."