Bioware celebrates the Oscar for The Shape of Water: "Good time to love a fish"

Do you remember your steamy romance with Thane Krios in Mass Effect 2? It could have been worthy of Oscar.

For his confessed love of video games, the sector has welcomed the success of the Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro at the recent Oscars ceremony. His film, The Shape of Water, has received various congratulations from references such as Hideo Kojima, to which he has joined Bioware with a funny joke related to his successful Mass effect 2.

In a tweet headed by an image of the always erotic Thane Krios, one of the Normandy passengers in Mass Effect 2, Bioware explained that, after the success of The Shape of Water at the American Academy Awards, we are in a " good time to love a fish. " Of course, the response from fans and followers has not been long in coming, making the tweet a real success on the social network.

Despite being an alien, Thane could become one of Shepard's romantic interests in the sequel to the original Mass Effect, released on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in January 2010.

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