Bioshock 2 debuts as UK's top seller

Beats the fireproof Just Dance on Wii.

We already have among us the sales figures of last week in United Kingdom, and with these we have received the first Bioshock 2, which has entered with great force in its first seven days on sale.

Wii's Just Dance continues in second place, for the umpteenth consecutive week, while in third place FIFA 10 beats Modern warfare 2. Mass effect 2, meanwhile, starred in the great fall after dropping from first position to eighth.

Here are the top 10.

01. Bioshock 2
02. Just Dance
03. FIFA 10
04. Modern Warfare 2
05. Wii Sports Resort
06. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
07. Wii Fit Plus
08. Mass Effect 2
09. Dante’s Inferno
10. Bayonetta

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