Beyond: Two Souls for PlayStation 4 on sale November 24

Heavy Rain will wait until March 2016.

If you are one of the fans who eagerly awaited the remastering for a new generation of the latest hits from Quantic Dream now you know when you can expect their releases in the latest video game console from Sony.

The first of them, Beyond: Two Souls, will arrive on November 24 in exchange for $ 29.99 and with improved graphics, more careful lighting effects and incorporation of different filters apart from the usual jump to resolution 1080p. It also incorporates downloadable content and some adjustments such as tighter controls or the fact that we are informed in each decision of the options that other players have made in those same moments.

On the other hand, Heavy Rain has also specified when it will go on sale, although in a much more distant way. It will be, specifically, on March 1, but its characteristics have not been specified.