Bethesda does not want to confirm or deny Fallout Shelter on PS4

They want to avoid a snowball effect with everyone asking about every project that may be underway.

The world of video games is one particularly full of rumors and leaks, so no one is surprised that companies spend the day answering the questions that many fans extract from all this with denials. Now it is the turn of Bethesda Softworks in order to deny or confirm the existence of a version of Fallout Shelter for PS4.

"In general we never talk about what we will or will not do in terms of video games, platforms or whatever," Pete Hines replied to a fan who had already sent more than a dozen messages through Twitter to his account.

"I'm sorry, but we can't say anything. That would create a snowball effect whereby everyone would end up asking about each and every one of the projects or games we had in our portfolio, simply because they would wait for an answer," said the executive. of the North American company.

Fallout Shelter, remember, is a nice and addictive management video game that is free and that has already gone through iOS, Android and even Xbox One and PC.