Bethesda confirms: Deathloop will be console exclusive on PlayStation 5 for a year

The announcement of its exclusivity in June did not specify whether it would be temporary, or the duration.

This week's PlayStation 5 event has given us a fresh look at numerous games on the way for the console. Next-generation titles like Deathloop, the next adventure from the creators of Dishonored that will put us in the shoes of a murderer trapped on an island and within a time loop. An adventure that in June it was advertised as a "console exclusive" for PS5, with release also on PC. But the fine print did not finish specifying whether or not it would be a temporary exclusive, or its duration.

Well, as a result of last Wednesday's appointment, Bethesda has dispelled the doubts: Deathloop will be a console exclusive on PS5 for a single year, being able to reach other machines later, as would be the case with Microsoft's Xbox Series X. This is indicated by Bethesda in an article on its official website: "Deathloop will be published exclusively on consoles for PS5 in Q2 2021, and it will go to 4K and 60 fps at launch. "

"Deathloop will also be released on PC at the same time. (Console exclusivity is for a limited time. It will not be available on other consoles until after a year after the launch date) ", says the company. This is, again, a sample of the importance of the small print in the announcements of an event. Something in which Sony's presentation was not as clear as it would have liked, with cases like Final Fantasy XVI and the doubts that exist about a possible PC version.

Or, also, with a Demon's Souls that first indicated that it would also be released on PC, but that they have now confirmed that it can only be played on PS5. With the confirmation, now yes, that Deathloop is a temporary exclusive, we will have to be vigilant in case this is also the case with GhostWire Tokyo. We remind you that last Wednesday a new gameplay of this game was shown, and if you want to know better what this adventure of assassins with powers in a time loop will consist of, here is our advance of Deathloop.