Instant benefits: PlayStation VR will be profitable for Sony from day one

They also confirm that no other helmets have been involved in the price decision.

Many players may think that the price of PlayStation VR has been marked by the decision to Oculus Rift Y HTC Vive and what they cost, but Sony assures that it has had nothing to do with it. Beyond this, and unlike other products of the brand, each of the Japanese helmets will bring benefits to their coffers.

One of Sony's representatives at GDC 2016, Adam boyes, has confirmed the news to the American media Game Informer: "We do not rely on the prices of other companies," he commented, and assured that each of the devices sold from PlayStation 4, including the new PlayStation VR, is profitable since its launch. the sale.

PlayStation VR confirmed price and date for Europe yesterday: October 2016 and 399.99 euros.