Bend Studio shows 11 new minutes of Days Gone

It was shown behind closed doors at E3 2017 and now you can see it.

John garvin, creative director of Bend Studio, has had the collaboration of the actor Sam witwer (voice of Deacon Saint John) to show new content from Days gone, the highly anticipated exclusive video game from Playstation 4. Software was in the past E3 2017 and many professionals were able to view this video behind closed doors, which gave them an idea about the possibilities of the software.

In the new gameplay we can see in detail how the weather affects the game, the survival vision, the traps, the elaboration of items or the different dynamic events that we will face together with the protagonist. Of course, one of the main characteristics of Days Gone is in the versatility that the program gives the player when it comes to facing the various challenges they will face.

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