Bend Studio: "There's a great story behind Days Gone"

The studio has doubled its staff with the development of the PlayStation 4 game.

Days Gone has been one of the great achievers of the past E3 2016. So much so that he has returned to the first division Bend Studio, creators of the mythical Siphon Filter, returning to development on a domestic platform of Sony with an ambitious project to suit you. The newspaper The Bulletin has advanced details about the game, which has confirmed that it has been in development since 2012, and has managed to elicit details about the most immediate future of the software and the study itself.

The most immediate, the growth of the team, which has happened from 45 people to 103 on the payroll, as confirmed by the Bend director, Chris reese. There are no plans to reduce the number of workers once the development is finished, Reese confirms that this decision responds to a "long term" strategy so it seems more than clear that Bend has important projects to work on in the coming years .

The pressure is so great and constant that you are being pushed to see the limits of what each human is capable of The newspaper has spoken with its creative director John garvin, who has spoken about the universe of the game and the supposed saturation that currently exists in the audiovisual world with the theme of the living dead. Garvin believes that Days Gone plays in another league: "You are in a world where danger is imminent and immediate. The pressure is so great and constant that you are being pushed to see the limits of what each human is capable of."

As explained by the Bend study itself, there are several references that have been taken into account to build the story, being The walking dead or World war z two obvious inspirations in zombie territory and Sons of Anarchy in the creation of the protagonist, Deacon St. John. No big details of the plot are known yet, but the only thing that John Garvin guarantees that "there is a great story behind the game."

Deacon was already talked about at the end of June, but it is not the first time that the power of the game's script has been emphasized, which today is a true mystery. Like other projects of Sony in the past Los Angeles E3, Days Gone has no scheduled release date yet Playstation 4, so it remains to wait for future events and announcements to know the launch date.