Batman: Arkham VR, new from Rocksteady for PlayStation VR

The game will be released in October 2016.

Rocksteady Studios affirmed after Batman: Arkham Knight that they would not develop more Batman games, but ultimately it has not been like that. The reason? According to the study, "the arrival of the PlayStation VR kits changed everything." Thus was born Batman: Arkham VR, a new exclusive video game for PlayStation VR that will be released in October 2016, and that its creators define as “a new story set in the Arkham universe that will allow fans to experience Gotham City through from the eyes of the best detective in the world ”.

“This time we have a very personal story focused entirely on the first person. Batman Arkham VR is an intense work of mystery and murder in the style of the classic Batman comics, but with a strong dose of dark psychology for which Arkham stands out, ”says the study. "We feel we have managed to create an incredible new Batman experience that is complementary and a counterpoint to the epic Batman: Arkham Knight," they add.

Batman: Arkham VR is scheduled for release in October 2016 for PlayStation VR.