Bandai Namco registers God Eater Resurrection trademark in Europe

About a year ago the brand Rage Burst was also registered, related to the sequel to this action adventure.

Available in Japan for a few weeks, God Eater: Resurrection it could confirm its arrival in the West very soon if we look at the recent registration of the brand in Europe.

Till the date Bandai namco It has not officially ruled on the publication of this action adventure in the western market, although yesterday its American division began a mysterious countdown that could well be related to the launch of God Eater: Resurrection in our territory.

Resurrection is a PlayStation 4 and PS Vita remake of God Eater that originally debuted on PSP. About 11 months ago, Bandai Namco also registered the Rage Burst brand in Europe, which refers to the sequel to this title, also for the new Sony consoles.