Bandai Namco registers trademarks related to its Tales of saga in Europe

It would refer to an animated series and a new role-playing adventure.

Tales of Berseria

Without an official statement in between, Bandai namco has registered two new trademarks in Europe related to its veteran RPG adventure series Tales of.

The first one is about Tales of Zestiria the X, which could well be the series of Japanese animation which at the time aired in Japan on the occasion of the franchise's twentieth anniversary. If so, the record would confirm its premiere on the old continent.

On the other hand we also find the name Tales of the Rays, which in this case would refer to a new game in the franchise, although we insist that Bandai Namco has not made an official announcement about it.

It is possible that tomorrow we will have doubts as the Japanese will broadcast a special event on the Internet dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the franchise. Currently, the only confirmed game is Tales of Berseria for the PlayStation 4 and PS3.