Bad Blood, the multiplayer expansion for Dying Light, will be free

It will be available on PC starting in September as an Early Access game.

Currently immersed in the development of the promising Dying light 2, the team at Techland has confirmed that the multiplayer expansion for Dying Light, which we already knew would be released as a standalone video game, will be free. Any user can enjoy its battle royale action, and you won't have to wait long to do it.

The authors of Dead Island have confirmed that this September will be released as a game with early access on Steam its Dying Light: Bad Blood, an action and survival title with competitive game elements, but also a strong cooperative action base, because in addition to other players, we will have to face the dangerous nightmare creatures that inhabit this dark fictional universe.

Bad Blood Early Access will feature a founder pack that for a price close to 20 dollars will give access to the game itself, in addition to an exclusive golden mask, three legendary weapon skins, 1000 in-game coins to buy items in your store, as well as three legendary skins that will be available in all three months after its premiere. What does this multiplayer expansion offer?

"Enter an area full of zombies and fight as one of the 12 players to become the sole survivor, "reads the official description of Dying Light: Bad Blood." Search for weapons, destroy zombie nests to level up, and combine the superior mobility of parkour with brutal combat skills for running, gliding and playing. better than anyone. "The video game is also planned for PS4 and Xbox One, where it will also bet on free-to-play.

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