Helping rivals in Fall Guys gives more prestige than winning five crowns in a row and this is the proof

Not all are rivals who grab you and throw you into the void; They can also help you overcome adversity.

Fall Guys is undoubtedly the summer game. Their staging has been a success with which, in less than a month, they have been sold seven million copies on Steam and it has become the most downloaded PS Plus game to date.But, one of the things that has raised the most complaints is its community. At least until now.

Despite its colorful and adorable appearance, Fall Guys is a competitive game where you have to stay ahead of your opponents, using whatever techniques and tricks you can. In social networks or in the game itself we have seen many players who they enjoy grabbing others so they don't advance or waiting at the finish line to throw rivals into the void. Not to mention the numerous cheats that have been seen, especially on the PC version.

But on social media it has gone viral the action of a user who has restored faith in the community, showing that there are also good Samaritans in the Fall Guys. In the video that we leave you next, one user tries to teach another how to hold on to overcome an obstacle and continue. Forgets the race for the sole purpose of helping his competitor who, after several attempts and great effort, succeeds. It is not the first time that we have seen good action in the Mediatonic game; We recently showed how one user helps another idle in a test.

Logically, both are eliminated, but celebrate together having been able to overcome a challenge that seemed impossible. A very nice action that has moved through the networks like wildfire, and makes us want to see more of this type of action in multiplayer proposals. A few hours ago the second season of Fall Guys was presented and from this link you can find out all the details.

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