Attack on Titan to include new content written by manga creator Hajime Isayama

It will offer, in principle, more information about certain characters and more narrative.

Omega Force prepare with Attack on Titan one of his most ambitious works, and today we have seen a new and interesting detail that sounds most promising for manga fans.

The news, which is in charge of the Japanese magazine Famitsu, confirms through the mouth of Hisashi Koinuma, the producer of the program, that in the video game there will be new content signed by the creator of the franchise himself, Hajime isayama.

This will expand the story a bit more than what we already knew, as well as provide us with more information and context about certain important characters for the IP. All this within a script that will cover the first season of the anime, which in turn was very faithful to the manga, and will serve to welcome neophytes and offer something that pleases fans of the saga.