Atlus has already registered the name of Persona 6

It is a preventive maneuver that large publishers often use to protect their brands.

The distributor Atlus, the one in charge of editing the videogames of the saga Persona, you have reason to be congratulated on the stupendous success of which you are enjoying your outstanding Person 5However, that does not mean that they are not thinking about the future.

In this way, and as you can consult in the registry that we provide you, Persona 6 has already been indexed to protect possible web domains. It is, in fact, the route chosen as a preventive measure in what is an action that distributors usually take when it comes to covering their backs with websites of their future products.

This does not mean that the title is in development at the moment, although it is possible that part of the team of P-Studio is already involved in the first stages of the pre-production of a future installment, however it is glad to know that this Persona 6 is already taken into account by Atlus.