Assassin's Creed Origins - Rare Weapons and Where to Get Them

From common weapons to cursed weapons, in this guide we show you how they work and where the weapons in the game are located.

Assassin's Creed: Origins is a very special installment for the saga in several ways. One of them is undoubtedly the firm commitment to involve the progression and forms of the RPG genre, with which I had been flirting for years. In this sense, obtaining and improving weapons is one of the aspects that have evolved the most: where can I find better weapons? What skills interest me? What are the rarest weapons? In this guide, we will try to shed some light on the operation and obtaining of weapons of all kinds.

Weapon Types The Assassin's Creed: Origins arsenal includes all types of weapons and bows. Each one of them is handled in a very specific way, and affects the attack speed, the area you cover and the reaction that enemies with shields have when being hit with these weapons, among other things. From a purely role-playing perspective, the type of weapon you carry determines the abilities it can have.

Here is a table with the specific abilities of each type of weapon, but they are not the only ones: the rarer a weapon, the more abilities it will have.

SwordCritical Chance
Sickle swordBleeding on hit
Double swordAdrenaline regeneration
Heavy maceAdrenaline when killing
AxAdrenaline when hitting
ScepterCombo multiplier
SpearCritical Hit Damage
Hunter bowLoading speed
Light bowFiring ratio
Warrior bowPrecision
Predator BowStealth damage

Weapon Rarity All weapons have abilities, but some have more abilities than others. This factor is determined by their rarity, which follows a specific order: common weapons have a single ability, while rare have two, and legendary weapons have three. That is, if you look at a rare or legendary weapon, you will see that in addition to its "natural" ability, it has two others that are random.

Among these additional abilities, the most special are the cursed weapons, marked in red, which increase their damage by up to 200% in exchange for leaving you with 33% health while you have them equipped. The sacrifice is worth it or not depending on how you play, and if you want to get one, we give you clues.

  • He Siwa Khopesh An Imitation is a sickle sword that is earned as a reward for completing the quest "Forge of Siwa", which has a recommended level of 25 and is available in Euhemeria, a city south of Fayun.
  • For its part, Sarissa It is a legendary spear that is obtained as a guaranteed reward for killing the Phylakes of Memphis, level 28, nicknamed "The Stranger".

Quality and Damage The relationship between quality and damage of a weapon can be confusing for any beginner, and although with the hours one ends up understanding the performance of a weapon looking at the statistics, it can be very difficult to explain to another person. We will try to clarify this concept.

The "Quality" of a weapon can be translated as "potential". When you increase the quality of a weapon in a blacksmith, that weapon increases its potential until it is equal to what you need to face the missions of your level. The damage that the weapon produces scales along with its quality.

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Let's see it in an example. You are a level 24 assassin, and you have found a rare sword of your level. If you compare that rare sword with a level 10 legendary sword that has not been upgraded for a while, you will find that the rare sword has higher quality. Does that mean it's better than the legendary sword? You bring the level 10 legendary sword to a blacksmith, ask to upgrade it for a lot of gold, and compare the result with the previously better rare sword. The new legendary sword, at the same level as the other, has better quality, and therefore will do more damage. Now, if you compare two weapons of different types that share level and quality, you will realize that they do not do the same damage. This is directly related to the balance between weapon types.

Where to Get Legendary Okay, you want to get a handful of Legendary. However, most of them are conditioned by a technique called Random Number Generator (RNG), and you can't know for sure when they will appear. However, some missions and objectives have fixed rewards or a higher probability of giving you these loot as a reward.
  • The Heka Chests, which are the loot boxes in the game, they will give you a rare or legendary weapon every time you open them. If you visit the Wanderer's Bazaar, whose location varies from day to day, you can complete a quest and get a daily chest for free.
  • Some Phylakes and optional missions they reward you with legendary weapons, with no randomness involved. 100% Guaranteed.
  • Call to Senu often and scan the map for treasures, as some of them will hide this loot.