Assassin's Creed: Origins - Kill all Phylakes

In this guide, we show you where to find all the Phylakes to get their exclusive high-level rewards.

Assassin's Creed: Origins has left us with the most role-playing installment of the saga. If you are fond of the genre, you will have noticed that the Phylakes They are truly world leaders, and how could it be otherwise, they drop succulent rewards when they die. The bad news is that they start tracking you early in the game, and you'll have to level up quite a bit to swap the roles of hunter and prey.

It is worth crossing names on the blacklist with this guide, yes, since among them there are four that are necessary to unlock the legendary outfit black hood. To deal with them, you must take the initiative attacking from the shadows and learn their attack patterns, although they are not really too difficult if you are leveling up well. Until the time comes ... just avoid confrontations with them, if they see you.

Assassin's Creed Origins - Rare Weapons and Where to Get Them

  • Level: 20
  • Reward: Golden Wolf
  • Location: Alexandria
  • Key: No
Fist of ptolemy
  • Level: 22
  • Reward: Copper Mace
  • Location: Nome of Sap-Meh
  • Key: No
The iron ram
  • Level: 25
    Reward: Smoke and Mirrors
  • Location: Nome of Ineb-Hedjet
  • Key: No
The unknown
  • Level: 28
  • Reward: Sarissa
  • Location: Memphis
  • Key: yes
Clemency of Ra
  • Level: 30
  • Reward: Blades of the Storm
  • Location: Fayún
  • Key: No
The hill
  • Level: 32
  • Reward: Puzzle
  • Location: Fayún Oasis
  • Key: yes
The scourge of Hathor
  • Level: 35
  • Reward: Storm of Death
  • Location: Nomo de Atef-Pehu
  • Key: No
Half horn
  • Level: 38
  • Reward: Compound Bow
  • Location: Im-Khent Nome
  • Key: yes
The iron bull
  • Level: 40
  • Reward: Pride of Djoser
  • Location: Giza
  • Key: No
The galata
  • Level: 40
  • Reward: The Fourth Plague
  • Location: Remote desert
  • Key: yes

Black Hood Once you have the four keys in your possession, talk to Abar in a village of Herakleion, who will commission us to fight a group of level 40 crocodiles. When we finish, she will give us the fifth key, and we will have to look for our treasure at the bottom of the sea, Matarile, Rile, Rile.