Assassin's Creed Odyssey: The most spectacular and useful abilities to unlock

Do you want to turn Kassandra and Alexios into a real killing machine? Here are the keys.

As of late, the Assassin's Creed saga is getting closer and closer to experiences where character progression matters most, so it's easy to run into gigantic skill trees that it's easy to get lost or at least get a little overwhelmed.

In 3D Games We've already finished the Assassin's Creed Odyssey campaign, and we've maxed out our characters, so we can give you some tips on how to do the same. What are the skills that can be best for you to start with? Which ones bring the most spectacular results?

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, tips before starting your Greek odyssey

Shield Break

  • Combat Branch
  • Level: Beginner

The battles in Assassin's Creed Odyssey tend to stand out for their fluidity, basically like those in the entire series. However, they can choke us if enemies have a shield. With this ability equipped in our selection of combat buttons we can not only tear the shield from the claws of the opponents but, as if that were not enough, we will hit the opponents around us with it and we will not receive damage during the entire animation.

As we enhance it in the three existing degrees, we will not only have the possibility of countering the presence of larger shields, but we will also obtain other bonuses such as stunning enemies, maximizing the percentage of damage or even, at its maximum level, exploding the shield itself and cause the shards to turn into projectiles that damage surrounding enemies.

Lethal Murder

  • Assassination Branch
  • Medium level

Under the fun and redundant name of Lethal Murder hides a skill that is perhaps not excessively spectacular in terms of its staging, but that is very useful for the returns it offers. In the past, an execution from behind was a guarantee of success, and of directly ending the enemy in question. With the arrival of the RPG component to Assassin's Creed Origins we saw that complex health calculations were already coming into play based on the type and level of the enemy, something that is corroborated in the case of Assassin's Creed Odyssey. What do we get with this ability? Increase our chances of making stealth executions lethal.

With each degree of this skill that we enhance, again up to three, we will raise the damage level of it by a percentage degree. The maximum? 300% damage, that is, what the game itself calls "total precision". It should not be confused with Killer Shadow, which is quite similar but is lower-level, runs differently (faster), and does less damage.

Devastating Shot

  • Hunting Branch
  • Medium level

The bow and arrows can become an extension of your body if you are moderately agile, and if you use them with skill, their enormous power can allow you to fight with many guarantees against enemies of a much higher level than yours. For all this you need aim, I insist, but also some skills that can make life easier for us. The best and most useful? Probably Devastating Shot, which brings with it a bloodthirsty arrow of ranged damage.

Mixed with special arrows it can truly live up to its name and, properly loaded, is literally lethal. If we maximize it we can obtain damage rates of a 400%, with the possibility of increasing the elemental accumulation of poisonous or fire projectiles up to 200%, a true madness and a relatively easy ability to maximize.

Nyx shadow

  • Assassination Branch
  • Expert

The last skill that can be unlocked in the assassination skill tree is that of the Nyx shadow, one that allows us the maximum degree of discretion in order to go unnoticed. How does it work? As long as we are not immersed in an action scene we will be, literally, invisible.

Like the rest, it has three levels. Completely unlocked, enemies will not see us even if we move, and we will only be detectable if we attack an opponent or if he comes into contact with us. With the maximum range, I insist, we will not be visible or pointing with the bow. It is a demanding ability and we will only have access to it in the final stretch of the campaign with the character already really powerful, but it is very worth the effort and gives a lot of speed to the adventure.

Spartan kick

  • Combat Branch
  • Medium level

A video game about Spartans unable to deliver a spectacular kick to an enemy that throws him back? Ubisoft has taken into account one of the most legendary scenes from the movie 300, and has given us the possibility of reproducing the spectacular Leonidas kick to throw back our enemies. This, combined with the rugged terrain of Greece, arguably the most vertical area we have ever explored in a video game in the series, allows us to be lethal in combat by throwing our enemies off cliffs when surrounded.

Like the rest of the skills, it can be enhanced, although more important than the damage caused is the fact of having a good cliff nearby so that the loss of health caused by the fall is our best ally. With the highest level? 250% combat damage on impact with the kick, a shock wave that will reach those around us and, also, knowing that the target will not die (as long as you do not use a cliff, of course) and you can recruit them for your crew.

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