National Rifle Association: "video games create sick children"

The controversial entity once again blames the industry for the excess of crimes in the world.

Since the shooting at a Florida high school, United States, the debate on the "excessive" violence of certain video games as one more ingredient for these massacres has returned to the current social and political situation of the country. This position is especially defended by the National Rifle Association, eager to find culprits to avoid further regulation of weapons, whose one of its speakers recently accused these entertainment products of "create sick children".

"All over the planet, children are committing crimes like never before in human history. It's not about guns; guns have always been here. The problem is sick movies, TV shows. sick and especially sick video games which are creating sick children ", charged David grossman, a speaker and pro-gun activist, during the National Rifle Association (NRA) annual conference. These statements are quite similar to those that appeared in the British press recently, where Fortnite was accused of turning children into monsters.

Both news are added to a good number of statements that could well raise the criteria for the launch of certain video games in certain countries. However, in the United States this debate has not remained in the controversial NRA, with the White House itself making video game violence visible in a video presented by Donald Trump to industry representatives or with a private school promoting a collection of copies physical games of violent games.